Project Reports



Prepared By – Ufiem Donatus Anya (Project Coordinator)

Reviewed By – Dr. Grace Ngozi Isiozor (Executive Director)

Executive Summary

Achieve Africa, a charity based in UK, led by Rev. Fr. Isidore Nnam Di Obi, recently initiated a project aimed at reaching physically challenged persons in communities across South Eastern Nigeria and ensuring sustainability of the entire household where they can be safe, healthy, stable and schooled. The project centered on economic strengthening of households who have been made vulnerable by physically challenged child, caregiver or parent.

The programme implemented by Rosita Unique Care Foundation (RUCF) conducted household assessment, household verification, training sessions and empowerment sessions. The validation and training session was held on the 4th of June 2020, while the empowerment session was on the 8th of July 2020. A total of 30 persons (Male 3, Female 27)  were empowered after series of training on financial education and basic economic awareness.


Poverty and disability are believed to operate in a cycle, reinforcing each the other. In many vulnerable countries, conditions associated with poverty, such as lack of access to healthcare, inadequate water and sanitation, malnutrition and poor living conditions, increase the risk of disability. Even in the absence of absolute poverty, social inequalities and relative poverty can lead to stress and social exclusion, which can worsen both mental and physical health and well-being. On the other side, disability can lead to exclusion from work, education and healthcare, as well as high healthcare and other expenses, which can cause or exacerbate poverty.

While the interplay of poverty and disability is increasingly identified as a major limitation to growth and development, the lack of robust empirical evidence to inform policy and pragmatic decisions may impede effective action. Efforts to provide a more cohesive understanding of the association between disability and poverty have highlighted a need for further research and intervention in this field to both substantiate and describe linkages. A critical review on poverty, health and disability in LMICs  (Low and Middle Income Countries) conducted in 2011, concludes that while some studies do show strong links, the evidence base is relatively limited and the relationship between poverty, disability and health may be more complex than assumed.

The condition of disabled, vulnerable children and caregivers are further compounded by the recent Corona Virus pandemic, which necessitated lockdown and unprecedented social restriction by various governments in developed and developing countries including Nigeria. This increased hunger, starvation and high mortality rate. Obviously, in situation like this it is the poor and most vulnerable that are mostly affected. Hence, the timely intervention of Achieve Africa to support some needy people in the South East of Nigeria.

Assessment of households

In strict adherence to COVID-19 preventive guidelines, Rosita Unique Care Foundation Monitoring and Evaluation Officers went round communities to identify and assess most vulnerable households who have disabled child or caregiver, this assessment was  objective and captured the people in dare need of intervention.

Verification and training of selected household

After the assessment, RUCF on the 4th day of June organized verification and training sessions for selected beneficiaries. This was aimed at validating the selection process and to further strengthen the capacity of the beneficiaries on Savings, investment, budgeting and general financial education.

The training was led by Dr. G.N. Isiozor. In her speech, she enlightened the participants, first and foremost, on the aims and objectives of Achieve Africa, which is strives at strengthening the education, health and well-being of every child in the context of family bond and care. It is a privilege for Rosita Unique Care Foundation to work with Achieve Africa in their project that is geared towards sustainability and she encouraged the participants to pay attention to the training.

Training sessions

The Project Coordinator made it clear from the outset that the project is not a hand-out type but a project that will improve the socio-economic well-being of not just the index beneficiary but the entire household. The facilitator introduced savings in form of ISUSU and Village Savings and Loan Association (VSLA), budgeting, knowing the difference between NEEDS and WANTS and general financial literacy. There was a good participation and engagement in the programme.  There was opportunity for feedback in which the participants thanked the facilitator for the wonderful session and also appreciated Achieve Africa for their kind gesture. They all pledged to invest any sum that would be given to them into little different trades and to pay full attention to ensure sustainability of all their empowerment.

Validation of Selected Beneficiaries

After the sessions, a team was set up for evaluation and monitoring purposes, as well as the validation of the selected beneficiaries. Questions were asked by the team and the beneficiaries responded accordingly and provided all the clarification needed. It was a success.

Empowerment of Beneficiaries

Rosita Unique Care Foundation on the 8th of July 2020 after completion of the processes involved in the assessment, validation and training, conducted the disbursement of cheques  among the beneficiaries to kick off their different choices of petty trades. The programme was attended by staff of RUCF for Achieve Africa Project and a good number of volunteers, some of whom were teachers, health care professionals and community leaders.

The beneficiaries also thanked RUCF staff for their honesty and transparency in all the processes of the intervention and pray for further growth of the organization. At the end of the exercise a total of 30(Male 3, Female 27) were empowered.


Staff and Community Volunteers for Achieve Africa Intervention

S/N Name Sex Designation
1 Dr. Grace Ngozi Isiozor F Executive Director
2. Ufiem Donatus Anya M Programme Coordinator
3. Anyanwu Gideon Odinaka M Finance Manager
4. Anyanwu Uche Boniface M Project Officer
5. Alvan Njoku U. M Senior Monitoring and Evaluation Officer
6. Onyeokoro Lilian F Monitoring Officer
7. Iwuanyanwu Mercy F Community Volunteer
8 Uwalaka Justina F Community Volunteer


Report on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)


On Monday 10th June 2018, Rosita Unique Care Foundation Team visited Madonna Nursery and Primary School, St Charles Catholic Parish, Umunumo Ehime Mbano.

The head teacher of the school, a Rev. Sister Was earlier informed about the programme and she happily welcome the team and scheduled the programme by 11:45 when they will be on long break for the year.

On arrival, all the teachers and head teachers gathered with their pupils in the school hall.

Display of the water buckets with taps, cups and wash hand bowl was made with the cardboard sheet indicating the sponsors of the WASH activities.

After the opening prayers, the facilitator Dr. (Mrs) Ngozi Isiozor introduced the Rosita Unique Care Foundation Staff and the head teacher introduced the staff of Madonna Nursery and Primary school. Opening remark was taken by Mr. Cosmos Iwundu, Data Entry Officer of RUCF.

Water Sanitation and Hygiene

A demonstration on how to preserve clean water, how to wash hand, advantages of good hand wash and good hygiene practices in our school and homes were highlighted.

The children fully participated as they did not only demonstrate good hand wash practices; they also gave responses on diseases that can be prevented by good hygiene practical.

Donations of Drinking Buckets, Cups and Wash hand Bowls

After the demonstrations and  brainstorming by pupils with exciting and interesting reactions, Rosita Unique Care Foundations, on behalf of achieve Africa, donated all the materials including Six buckets with taps, Six wash hand basins and cups to the school to improve their hygiene and sanitation practice.


DATE: 3rd JUNE, 2018 (SUNDAY)

Attendance: Chairman, Child Protection Committee, Community Stakeholders Caregivers and Three hundred and Fifteen Children

Opening Activities

The activity which was tagged children day celebration in Umunumo came seven days after the national children’s day celebration to give the children, who did not have the opportunity to join in the national children day celebration to fill the gap and have fun.

Attendance for Children between 0 – 18 years heralded the commencement of the activities of the day.

Opening Prayers

The opening prayer was conducted by one of the children, after songs of praise by all participants at 2 pm


  • To conduct psychosocial  support services of recreation to emotionally build, support  the emotion wellbeing of children in Umunumo Ehime Mbano L.G.A, Imo state


  • To improve the health/ hygiene and sanitation of household by building the capacity of children on hand washing and thereby improving the health and sanitary conditions of households.


  • Engage the children in cultural activities like cultural dance, recitations and debates, canestenics, and songs


The activities of the day unveiled a programme of activities which include a welcome song from children from Umuaro, Ibeafor autonomous community an Umunumo children’s parliament Special welcome song. Other activities include cultural dance from Ibeafor, Umunumo, and Umuaro. Other activities are demonstrations exercise on WASH- Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene.

Presentation of gifts to children, refreshment to participants, reactions from community stake-holder’s chairman, and Child Protection Committee.

Welcome Song

The community children kids Club first presented a welcome song followed by Umuaro kids Club and Ibeafor kids club. Interestingly their performance and presentations drilled the audience and the children were highly applauded.

Cultural Dance

The participants were drilled by three different cultural / kids club teams from Umunumo kids club, the Umuaro kids club and the Ibeafor Kids club led by their co munity volunteers. The presentations were so entertaining and the clement weather added to the joy of participation.

Hand Wash Activity (WASH)

This activity was solely sponsored by Achieve Africa with the sum of one hundred pounds received from Rev. Fr. Nnamdi Obi. The children and other participants were taught on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene.

A Display of twenty sets of water buckets with taps, cups and wash hand basins were displayed for a demonstration exercise on hand wash. Soaps, Ashes from palm were used and the Dr. Ngozi Isiozor, the Executive Director of Rosita Unique Care Foundations facilities. The sessions on hand wash and need to use clean water prevention of diseases and rearing healthy children were brainstormed and the children themselves actively participated in contributing ideas for effective orientation / training on hand washing.

A demonstration exercise by the facilitations and some children took place during the activity. Thereafter the active kids clubs were presented with a set of bucket with taps, wash hand basins and cups to facilitate same training in their various communities.

The remaining sets of buckets were given out to household with children who were also trained on water, sanitation and hygiene. 

Canestenics Display and Recitations by Children

The children from various communities came and presented recitations debates and the children from Umunumo autonomous community presented an interesting canestenics display with a music provided by the music co-coordinator.

Refreshment for Participants

The refreshment for the day includes quem cake, biscuits, soft drinks, water and jollof rice packaged in disposable foils for the children. This phase was made possible with a donation of twenty five pounds made to Rosita Unique Care Foundations by Mrs Irene through a long time benefactor, Rev. Fr. Nnamdi Obi.

Feedback from Stakeholders

Sir Jude Iwuoha and Prince Ekwesirike, President, and Member of Eze Cabinet in Umuchoke community addressed the children and commended them highly for their wonderful performances during the children’s day celebration in Umunumo, Ehime Mbano. They gave instances of performance of the children which has remained memorable in the minds of all stakeholders and thanked all the participants and most importantly, Achieve Africa for sponsorship of the programme.

The programme ended at 6:30pm with a closing prayer by Miss Maryjane Amaku, a Volunteer from RUCF.