Be Part of Our Rural Nursery and Primary Education Project

Not many parents in South East Nigeria have the opportunity to take care of their little ones and work at the same time. You can volunteer to support our rural nursery education project, to help and look after these children in their earliest developmental stages, for the period their parents are working hard in farms, trades or other jobs. Of course, we do know that this may be the only educational opportunity for some of these children at this stage.

Every child deserves to be in a safe and loving family environment. No child should be separated from the family because of poverty.  With proper nutrition early in life, children can grow, develop and thrive to their full potentials.

Achieve Africa will welcome your experience and talent in supporting young mothers, especially those with disabled children or parents who are disabled themselves. In recent times, the best interest of a child is far from being confined in orphanage homes or institutionalized environment. Achieve Africa is working hard to ensure that every needy child could stay in their families and receive support. Not even poverty should be a reason to take the child away from the family which is their natural place of fundamental development.

Investing in the Future of Our Youth

One of the ways to empower young people to have a voice in the society and rise above poverty is to invest in their future through Skills Training. Till this moment, Skills Acquisition, in many parts of Africa has been seen as an option to education or further education for the young person. Achieve Africa aims at making Skills Acquisition a programme for every young person. Everyone has got a hidden talent to develop, whether one has opportunity of formal education or not. Skills Acquisition is an opportunity for every child to register their unique potentials in the society. Help every child to SAY what they want to be in life.

Homelessness comes in different shapes and forms. It is not only found in urban areas. In some rural settings, some young people thrown out of their homes because of poverty or social vices.  We hope to engage the young people in using some of their skills to build structures where the homeless can find shelter, as well as tackle the root causes of poverty or substance addiction connected to homelessness.

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

In the heart of our vision of Health and Education of African Child is Hygiene and Sanitation. We have long started the programme of hand washing in some schools in South East Nigeria before the pandemic.

Nigeria is blessed with abundant groundwater and with the Niger River from which the country derived it’s name.  However, these water sources are not good to drink. In order to have water for human consumption it needs to be treated. You can support or partner with Achieve Africa on projects that can enable communities have clean and healthy water.

Tackling the Root Causes of Poverty through Economic Empowerment

In the vision of Family Economic Empowerment for the Disabled, and with your financial support, we can help families start basic trade or sponsor families with skills so that they have the basic economic security to cope with disability and general life needs.

Every penny offered for this cause can save lives and make a difference in families with disability challenges, as well as the disadvantaged. Such sacrifice is invaluable. Achieve Africa hopes to stand out in this vision, which considers disability holistically, in view of the challenges it poses to the entire family. Our service providing strategy is entirely family oriented.

There is always something someone can do to support worthy charities like ours. The biggest supporters are those who spend their most valuable time to organize or support fundraising events. It means everyone has got something to offer – time, talent, experience and funding. Whatever you are able to do to support our projects and vision for these children, please let us know.

Food and Environmental Sustainability

The vision of Achieve Africa in Food and Environmental Sustainability is very much relevant to our mission. There is no better time to have such a great plan of action towards the production of Cassava and Poultry Farms across South East Nigeria.

South East of Nigeria as a tropical African region is blessed with good rain fall for a greater part of the seasonal cycle. The land is green and beautiful. In recent years the fertility of the soil has suffered great deficiency due to erosion and poor environmental maintenance. Achieve Africa is exploring the possibility of environmental awareness and support for rural families on green and food sustainability.  Rural farming has proved to be both sustaining in feeding families and in their physical and mental well-being.