What does ACHIEVE AFRICA hope to Achieve?

Achieve Africa advocates that there should be at least a minimum basic health and education for every African child. This is done through grass root awareness, information, campaigns and influence on political, religious and community leaders to support the best interest of every African child. We may not save the whole world but we can save, a least, a child.

Who are the beneficiaries of this charity?”

Every child should be a beneficiary of this charity in different circumstances of their lives. However, Achieve Africa is beginning from South East Nigeria to support the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children, especially the disabled or children with disabled parents, hoping to expand to other parts of Africa.

How can one become a member of this charity?”

For the purpose of organisation and management, the official members of this charity are the Trustees. However, there are other members, known as the Associate Members who work very hard, often behind the scene to promote, support and organize fundraising for the charity. They are indeed, the pillars of this charity. If you wish to support us through associate membership, please contact us as soon as possible.

In which way can I support this charity?

There are many ways to support any child through our charity. You can support by volunteering to raise fund for us in your own ways. You could help us create awareness for those who may be in position to lend us their support. You could also support us financially by a one-off donation or standing order. Every little support helps at least a child.

How much does it cost to support a child through Achieve Africa?

We have different projects tailored to the needs of particular children we support. On the average, for food, health and education of a child in South East of Nigeria, it can approximately cost around £800 per year. If you are not able to support a child for a whole year, you could support for just a month.

How does Achieve Africa decide what projects to support?

The Trustees consider project proposals very carefully, looking at impact and sustainability. Such impact could be identified in some immediate call for help and support, while sustainability is  geared towards long term projects in education, skills acquisition and well-being of children and their families. Of course, it is your right also to choose the specific project of our coverage where your donation should go.