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Every child deserves to be in a safe and loving family environment. No child should be separated from the family because of poverty. But you can support a child from a distance, while they remain in their families. Your funding can go a long way to relieve young parents who are financially strained at such early development of the child; who may have to choose between child care and work. In this project we hope to establish safe day care nursery environment where some local teachers and carers are paid to provide basic health and education to these children (Ages 1-5) before the start of their formal education. Though any amount can be of great help in this project but the good surprise is that as at this moment, only £10 can fund a child for one month. You can help, at least, a child. At the heart of our charity is to look after the needs of disabled and disadvantaged children. In recent times, we have been able to realize, in project experiences, that there are families where children are not disabled but are very much affected by their disabled parents and guardians. These are areas the society do not often consider. With the basic principle of upholding the best interest of the child in such situation, we have adopted Family Economic Empowerment for the Disabled. (FEED) With your financial support we can help them start basic trade or sponsor families with skills so that they have the basic economic security to cope with disability and general life needs. Every penny offered for this cause can save lives and make a difference in families with disability challenges. Such sacrifice is priceless. THANK YOU.

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